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Wagyu 16 oz. Ribeye

Wagyu 16 oz. Ribeye
Price (each) Quantity
$85.002 to 3
SKU: Wagyu 16 oz. Ribeye

The Ribeye, not much introduction needed on this classic cut, but our 100% Full-Blood Wagyu Ribeye packs even more Flavor, Juiciness, and Marbling into this Steak. These steaks are cut a hearty 1 to 1.5 inches thick!

All of our Wagyu is 100% Full-Blood, Born, Raised and Harvested in the USA, and All Natural (No ionophores, no implants, no hormones.)


Ribeyes are the favorite for grilling. Best to give them a good sear to lock in the juices, and then finish on the grill

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