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The Starter Package

image of the various meats in the Starter Package.
SKU: The Starter Package

Not sure what to order? Then The Starter Package is exactly what you need. A little sampling of our famous steaks and ribeye pork chops to get you licking your chops and ready for more. Get your taste buds and grill fired up and ready to taste the deliciousness that is what FMM.com is known for! Taste them all, pick your favorite and be sure to come back for more!


2 - 8 oz. New York Strip Steaks

2 - 8 oz. Ribeye Steaks

2 - 8 oz. Top Of Iowa Sirloins

4 - 5 oz. DUROC Pork Ribeye Chops

Separately: $177.90; Package Price: $129.99

USDA Choice BeefPork – Be Inspired

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