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The Bun Lover's Package

The Bun Lover's Package
SKU: Bun Lovers Package

The Bun Lover's Package is filled to the brim with steak burgers, pork bacon cheddar patties and you're flavor choice of skinless brats! Keep that grill rolling with all the crowd favorites! The team at Fareway Meat Market.com loves to grill. Everything from steaks to chops and everything in between, but one thing is for sure. You just can't beat the classics and we have them all! Our Premium Steak Burgers are made exclusively with the highest quality cuts of steak and ground to perfection. If you are in search of flavor the Pork Bacon Cheddar Patties have a delicious blend of pork, bacon, and cheddar cheese sure enough to leave your guests speechless. Last but sure not least our original and flavored skinless brats are a treat for everyone! Bursting with flavor in 4 classic taste profiles (Original, Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar and Cheddar Jalapeno) you pick your level of adventure from mild to wild!

Included in this Package:

- Packages of 4, 1/3lb Beef Steak Burgers (reg. $47.96)

2- Packages of 4, 1/3lb Pork and Bacon Cheddar Patties (reg. $27.98)

- Packages of 4 Skinless Brats (Original, Cheddar, Cheddar Jalapeno,Bacon Cheddar) (reg. $39.96)

Regular Price: $115.90, Package Price: $89.99

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