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Taste of Quality

Taste of Quality
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This package is stuffed with our customer's favorites. 8oz New York Strip Steaks, 8oz Ribeye Steaks, 10oz Bone In Iowa Chops, 16oz packages of Ground Beef, 4 pack Ground Beef Patties, 1 pack of 6 Hamballs, and 2 - 6oz Beef Tenderloin Steaks. Everything you need to get yourself stocked up for any meal possibility! Our new 8oz portioned steak sizes are the perfect fit, not too large so you cannot enjoy your favorite sides yet not too small to leave your stomach wanting more. 



 4 - 8oz New York Strip Steaks (reg. $59.96)

4 - 8oz Ribeye Steaks (reg. $59.96)

2 - 10oz Bone-In Iowa Chops (reg. $25.98)

2 - 16oz Packages Butchers Blend Ground Beef (reg $17.98)

2 - 4 Pack Steak Burgers (reg. $29.98)

1 - 6 Pack Hamballs (reg $14.99)

2 - 6oz Beef Tenderloin Steaks (reg. $29.98)

Regular Price - $238.83 Package Price - $149.99

USDA Choice BeefPork – Be Inspired


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