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SKU: Taste of Quality

This package is stuffed with our customer's favorites. 8 oz. New York Strip Steaks, 8 oz. Ribeye Steaks, Hand Trimmed DUROC Center Cut Pork Chops, 16 oz. packages of Ground Beef, 4 pack Premium Steak Patties, 1 pack of 6 Hamballs, and 6 oz. Beef Tenderloin Steaks. Everything you need to get yourself stocked up for any meal possibility! Our new 8 oz. portioned steak sizes are the perfect fit, not too large so you cannot enjoy your favorite sides yet not too small to leave your stomach wanting more. 



4 - 8 oz. New York Strip Steaks

4 - 8 oz. Ribeye Steaks

2 - 10 oz. Duroc Center Cut Chops

2 - 16 oz. Packages Butchers Blend Ground Beef

2 - 4 Pack Premium Steak Burgers

1 - 6 Pack Hamballs

2 - 6 oz. Beef Tenderloin Steaks

Regular Price - $312.83 Package Price - $219.99

USDA Choice BeefPork – Be Inspired


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