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Pork & Bacon Cheddar Patties (Four 1/3 patties per package)

Image of two Fareway pork bacon patties with tomato.
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These 1/3 lb. ground pork patties are exploding with flavor! They have a delicious blend of pork, bacon, and cheddar cheese. Their ability to go straight on the grill from the freezer makes these patties perfect for pork burgers or any grilling occasion!

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1 Package (4 Patties ) $14.99 per package

2 Packages (8 Patties) $13.99 per package

3 Packages (12 Patties) $12.99 per package

4 Packages (16 Patties) $11.99 per package

5 Packages (20 Patties) $10.99 per package

6 Packages (24 Patties) $9.99 per package

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What Customers Say About the Pork & Bacon Cheddar Patties

If I bring anything other than Fareway Pork & Bacon Cheddar Patties to the tailgate, my friends don't claim me. These truly are the best burgers we have ever had, and I am so happy I can now order them! - Tim S., Little Rock, AR

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