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U-10 Dry Cure Scallops

u-10 dry cure scallops
SKU: U-10 Dry Cure Scallops

Our dry cure scallops are a sweet and juicy seafood option for your dinner table. With a U10 chef-grade size, these are the perfect pairing for a surf-and-turf dinner, or to serve as your main course. 

Our generously-sized scallops are dry cured, and packed fresh as they were harvested from the ocean. They are high in quality – not wet packed and soaked in sodium phosphates to add weight. 

These are sure to be a family favorite around the dinner table, and cook just like a filet mignon. Lightly coat in olive oil, sear on both sides, and serve!

*10 or less scallops included per 1 lb. package*

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