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Prairie Steak Package

Prairie Steak Package
SKU: Prairie Steak Package
Make It A Meal!

Looking for your new Favorite Red Meat? Check out our Prairie Steak Package. Loaded with our 100% Certified Bison Ribeyes, Sirloins, and 2 Packages of Ground Bison Patties. 

All of our Bison steaks are 100% Certified Bison™, Chilled Exclusively by Air™ and contain no hormones or antibiotics, so you can enjoy melt‐in‐your‐ mouth tenderness and incredible flavor, with fewer calories and less fat than beef steaks.


Package Includes:

4 - 8 oz. Bison Ribeye Steaks 

4 - 6 oz. Bison Sirloin Steaks

2 - Packages 1/3 lb. Bison Burgers (2 Per Package)

Retail Price $229.90 Package Price $200.00

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