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You Betcha Package

You Betcha Package
SKU: You Betcha Package

We are excited to announce a new partnership with You Betcha LLC. To Celebrate this partnership we have created a package with Myles' favorite items to ship straight to your door! This package contains our most famous hand cut items (Ribeye steaks, Filet Mignons, DUROC America Cut Pork Chops) as well as our Private Labeled Bacon, and Steak Burgers. Take all that and add one of our Mouthwatering Sides this package has everything for your grill!


Package Includes:

4 - 12 oz. USDA Choice Ribeye Steaks (Regular Price $79.96)

4 - 6 oz. USDA Choice Filet Mignon (Regular Price $59.96)

4 - 8 oz. DUROC America Cut Chops (Regular Price $59.96)

2 - 4 pack Premium Steak Burgers (Regular Price $29.98)

2 - 1 lb. packages Premium Sliced Bacon (Regular Price $23.98)

1 - Mouthwatering Side of your Choice (Regular Price $14.99)


Regular Price of items $268.83, Package Price $229.99

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