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Bison Preparation

Bison Preparation


Thaw your bison steaks out to room temperature. Add salt to the steak just before cooking to help retain moisture, keeping the steak juicy. We recommend seasoning bison steaks with olive oil, salt and fresh pepper. This creates a crust of delicious flavor that locks in the moisture keeping it tender.

Bison steaks require less time than beef or pork to cook. For approximately 1” bison steaks, cook around six minutes per side on high heat to keep that moist and tender texture.bison Fareway Meat Market

Do not overcook bison! We recommend that bison be cooked from rare to medium-rare. This is a dense protein-packed meat, so even if you usually order beef steak well-done, you will enjoy medium-rare bison.

In the meat thermometer, we trust! For the best tasting bison, steaks should be cooked to an internal temperature of 120-140°.

We understand waiting is hard, but don’t cut into that delicious bison yet. It’s important to let it rest. We recommend letting it rest twice the time you would for beef. This way, the moisture is re-absorbed ensuring a juicy and tender piece of meat.

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