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Fareway Meat Product Satisfaction

Fresh, high quality products are an essential part of family meals and what we provide at any Fareway store. Our Fareway Meat Markets are an American Midwest tradition, putting quality and service first. The highest grades of USDA Choice beef, all-natural pork and chicken fill Fareway cases, paired perfectly with our expert tips. We work closely with our processors and dietitian services so every meat package shipment meets your satisfaction.

To allow for proper satisfaction, we put quality and service first. This is done by shipping you the highest grades of USDA Choice beef, all-natural pork and chicken. We are committed to our foundation of personalized service and quality food distribution. 

Delivery Arrival

All Fareway Meat and Grocery meat deliveries arrive as frozen products. Since your products will arrive at your doorstep, it will be in perfect condition to be placed directly in your freezer. If you choose to thaw, please consume within three days for maximum quality and taste.

We guarantee your shipment will contain the highest quality Midwest-raised meat products.

Steps for Satisfaction

If you are unsatisfied with the product in any way, please contact us immediately. Our team will gladly replace your order or refund your money to honor our guarantee.  

A service representative will review your request, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. If before or after hours, all emails and messages will be responded to the next business day. We appreciate your patience and partnership.

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